28 Weeks Later Film Review


28-weeks-later-robert-carlyle28 weeks Later is the sequel to the awesome horror, thriller film 28 Days Later. This film is not directed by the previous director Danny Boyle but, a new director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. This time around the film has some more money backing it and a more well known cast. The film stars the wonderful Robert Caryle from World is Not Enough, Stargate Universe and Trainspotting and a few other actors like Rose Byrn and Jeremy Renner. The film is definitely more of a Hollywood film compared to the prequel but, still retains some of the cool camera shots and gritty look that made the first film so special.

The film starts off a with Robert Caryle’s character Don and his wife hiding out in a farmhouse with a few other survivors somewhere in rural England during the outbreak of the Rage Virus from the previous film. At one point when the survivors are having a quiet dinner one of the them manages to attract some of the infected people and immediately the house is attacked by tens of virus stricken animalistic people. Don tries to escape with his wife but, his wife tries to save a little boy, one of the survivors, and instead of trying to help her he runs. He manages to escape¬† in a small motorboat down a waterway and seems to be the only person to make it out of the farmhouse safely and not infected.

Cut to 28 weeks later after the initial outbreak of the Virus in England, all the infected people have died of starvation and England is now in the process of slowly repopulating and cleaning up London. Two young kids Tammy and Andy are just a few of the couple hundred arriving into a small section of cleaned up London labeled as the Safe Zone. The Safe zone already has a few thousand people living safely there with constant supervision from an American-led NATO force. The two children reunite with their father Don who has already been living in the safe zone for sometime. After Don explains to his kids how his mother is dead their curiosity gets the best of them and they sneak out of the policed safe zone and head to their old home. While there they discover their mother is actually still alive. The kids as well as their mother are extracted by soldiers and brought to the safe zone. A scientist played by Rose Byrne discovers that the mother is immune to the Rage the virus but, also a carrier of it. Soon after this conclusion Don visits his wife and gets infected and starts the infection all over again.


The film does not have the same small, independent¬† feel that the first film had but, it is still well directed, decently paced, suspenseful at times and most importantly fun to watch. Seeing London relatively vacant is still a cool sight and the infected people still look rageful, animalistic and down right scary at times. The music composer John Murphy from the prequel returns and again manages to create great music for the entire film, it sounds tense when it needs to be tense and exciting when necessary. The theme song he created in 28 Days later returns and blows me away every time, If they ever do a re-boot of the original Resident Evil games they need this composer. The entire cast does a good job overall especially Jeremy Renner who plays a soldier who disregards his mission and tries helping Andy and Tammy and Rose Byrn’s character escape London. The film definitely left it open for a sequel which I’m hoping gets made. 28 weeks Later is not as good as the unique and surprising 28 Days later but, nonetheless it is a good thriller, horror film and definitely worth checking out. The only problem I had with the film was that Robert Caryle did not have as much screen time as I would have hoped.

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