5 Great Games For The Morpheus

With the Oculus Rift being bought out by Facebook it is safe to say that Oculus Rift’s main focus will not be video games. Sony on the other hand has been developing it’s own virtual reality headset, the Morpheus, completely devoted to video games and it is looking pretty great. Virtual Reality and video game peripherals like motion control have always been largely unsuccessful and frankly not very fun. Sony’s Morpheus on the other hand is looking like the first big step towards virtual reality and looks promising. While the Morpheus has yet to be released there are a few games that would be great with Sony’s headset. Here are 5 games that would create an awesome experience on the Morpheus.


Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid 2, that’s seems like an odd choice well it is a great choice if you really think about it. Metal Gear Solid has a first person move for shooting, viewing the environment and peaking around corners. Imagine sneaking through tanker as Snake with the rain hitting your face and holding the M9 with the laser sight in first person view. The incorporation of the move controllers would be ideal for coming up behind enemies and strangling them or holding them as hostages or human shields. Even if it was developed as a 10 minute tech demo, sneaking through the tanker and disabling guards or playing as Raiden and sneaking in the shadows if strut b would be a great experience.


Doom 3 or 4

First person shooters will undoubtedly excel with the Morpheus but a game that can really develop an experience like no other is a horror shooter. Doom 3 or even Doom 4 when ever it is released, would be great way to experience horror and action. The tense dark atmosphere and demonic enemies in Doom 3 are perfect for virtual reality. Walking through the dark corridors with nothing but a flashlight and an gun with no bullets while cries echo off the walls is the reason the Morpheus was created. Adding a surround sound enabled room or headphones and the move controllers it will surely demonstrate one big leap towards a new way to play.


Gran Turismo 6

It’s about time racing games can played with a vr headset and Gran Turismo 6 is the most realistic racing game around. With HD visuals and authentic sounding cars it really is meant to be played with a headset, gearbox and steering wheel peripherals. I’m sure Polyphony digital is already working with the Morpheus to get it working with gran Turismo 6 or Gran Turismo 7 on release day for racing fans.


Fallout 3

Fallout 3 with its expansive visceral world is another great game that could pair up with the Morpheus quite well .The ability to play the game in first person and the fact that it is a shooter makes it a good choice for the Morpheus. Traversing the post apocalyptic world, killing mutants and exploring the metro station is surely a good way to experience the Morpheus. Using the 360 degree viewing angle to see the dark destructed plains near Megaton will surely be a cool site to see even if it is digital.


Mirror’s Edge

This game is begging to be paired up the Morpheus. With it’s distinct look and style and the first person parkour gameplay Mirror’s Edge would be a great release for the vr headset. Jumping large buildings and being able to look down in mid air will make anyone with a fear of heights become tense and freaked out while playing. This is a game that is fast and exciting and with the Morpheus it surely will demonstrate what it feels like to experience a sense of speed and high heights.



  1. Hey Buddy, Great Article, I love the effort you put into this article, and the ingenuity you brought with you about all these and ass shooters we can be thrown into with Morpheus.. and I thought the same too.. but I have been reading EVERYTHING there is to know about Project Morpheus and it turns out.. FPS’s are not very easy to pull off because the view of the guns, and the extension of the arms doesn’t feel realistic. This has been note a few times, and I am sure that they will work upon perfecting it through time.. (and I honestly hope they do.. as I am a GINORMOUS backer of Morpheus / Oculus Rift and will purchase Morpheus, if not Both.)

    Here’s to hoping they get it all right, and we spawn a new breed of gaming.. It looks to be a fairly exciting endeavor..

    I am also fairly intrigued as if they would think of the idea to bundling a pair of Morpheus Headsets for a discounted price (rather than buying them separately) and pushing Co-Op Immersion and the ability to do IMAX Movies. You can’t watch an Imax movie by yourself.. I mean come on.. You gotta have two headsets for that ish.. and that might just be where it ends up failing.. being too expensive for everyone to experience at once. (When it comes down to entertainment media, like imax movies, or visiting places via a walkthrough demo, anything is possible with these things.. its going to be interesting to say the least..)

    Let’s just stick to the basics first.. and hope this thing take off, huh? 🙂

  2. As long as it keeps progressing and doesn’t stall like the move or Kinect I’ll be excited. In 5 years time the Morpheus and VR in general will be amazing.

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