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What is Greasyjoystick? Greasyjoystick is a project I Victor F. aka Explicitbaron have been thinking about for quite a long time. This is my attempt to get into the game journalist community. Video games have been a passionate hobby of mine since I was a small child and slowly I developed an interest in writing and creating content about games. I started small by writing reviews on Gamespot.com and after that I moved on to my own free site on wordpress Explicitbaron’s Thoughts. Eventually I decided to build my own website Greasyjoystick.com. Here at Greasyjoystick you will find primarily video game driven content but, also content regarding films, TV shows, technology and anything else that is on my mind that may be remotely interesting. There will be a strong focus on video content since, video content such as playthroughs and guides have become increasingly popular and more important than ever. That being said I will do my best to create quality guides and playthroughs for viewers.

Who is Explicitbaron? I am a 21 year old college student living in Rhode Island in the United States. I hope to move out of this state as soon as I graduate college. I am a massive Simpsons fan so, why the picture of fry above? Well I follow Matt Groening’s work and I’m a big Futurama fan as well. The more I think about it I’m like the real life version of Philip J. Fry minus the alcoholic robot best friend. I enjoy sitting on the couch, eating junk food and love to drink Slurm… I mean soda/alcohol. I hope this little introduction has garnered some of your interest and you start to follow my endeavor here at Greasyjoystick.

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www.wikigameguides.com (best game guide site around and a great gaming community, heavily inspired me to make this site)

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