Achievements, Trophies Are They Important?


It seems like trophies and achievements on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are some of the most important and talked about things regarding video games. Many people find these milestones very important and love to talk about how they got a high gamerscore or a brand new platinum trophy. I’m guilty of this also but, I don’t find these things that important. From a gamer’s point of view I sometimes would like games without trophies but, some I would love to have trophies included, it would be nice to have the ability to remove trophies from a game so I wouldn’t be bothered by them. I do miss the times where beating a game on the hardest difficulty was something to brag about and hitting high scorede were the milestones to reach. I feel like these additions of trophies and achievements create a practical but, somewhat distorted version of competition. Some people take the time to actually cheat these systems by downloading saved game files to get free achievements and trophies. This is just pathetic, it’s a little sad to see that people resort to these actions just to have these unimportant milestones. I may sound like I hate these things but, I do like them. I just think people take them too seriously, sometimes they’re just not worth it.

For example I have two platinum trophies I may never achieve due to stupid reasons. I probably won’t ever be able to earn my Yakuza 3 platinum because I would have to spend probably over a hundred hours on pointless, boring and tedious sidequests. Medal of Honor I have 97% of the trophies and won’t ever get the platinum because it’s insanely hard trying to use every offensive support action once online and the online isn’t very fun so, I have no incentive to get it. Some games just have dumb and worthless achievements that don’t matter. I can see from a business standpoint that including trophies is a great idea. For someone who is debating buying an average game he or she might say to themself “this game looks alright should I buy it?, ehh I’ll buy it, I can get some achievements out of it.” Adding these milestones can increase sales to a game and people may keep games longer to try to get every trophy or achievement instead of trading it in right away after beating it. In the end it’s a matter of opinion, I’ll continue buying games and playing them but, I won’t be purchasing them for trophies or going insane to get every trophy or achievement in  them. I write this because I just got my Unhcharted 2 platinum and it makes me think was it worth it? What do you think?

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