Awesome/Unlikely Announcements from Sony at E3

Final Fantasy VIII Remake


I have loved Final Fantasy VIII ever since I first played it over ten years ago.In my opinion it is the best Final Fantasy game in the series trumping Final Fantasy VII. Yes I said it Final Fantasy VII is not the best Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy VIII has a very complex and interesting story and the visuals of thegame are very beautiful and hold up to this day, as much as Playstation 1 visuals hold up that is. I think with the state of Square Enix and a deteriorating interest in the Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy VIII might be able to spark some new interest. I’m not going to lie I would shed a few tears if Final Fantasy VIII was re-released with spoken dialogue and Final Fantasy 13 style graphics.

Steam/Playstation Network Partnership


Playstation 3 is a great console, but most gamers know their online network isokay at best. The Valve owned PC service Steam on the other hand is awesome. Massive and frequent deals on PC games, frequent updates and patches to games and a nice community set up. Sony does not seem to realize that it should move towards this type of service so it can better compete with it as well as Xbox live. Instead of trying to imitate it why not partner up with Steam and try to make a hybrid of it on the Playstation Network. I want to see all those indie games available on the PS3 as well as the growing Free-to-Play games that are becoming more and more impressive. Most importantly I want to see awesome sales like on Steam. I hate buying digital games because I feel like I do not really own them. With Steam they offer such amazing sales on games that I do not care that I do not have the physical disc. Offering sales increases profit very easily, which Sony should care about and it adds more fans to their games so their sequels will be bigger and better.

Metal Gear Online Relaunch


With Metal Gear Online coming to a close on June 12th I have to admit I am a bit sad. I have been playing MGO on and off since I bought Metal Gear Solid 4 the day it came out 4 years ago. It is one of those games that grows on you. It is far from perfect, but the people who play it love to play it. While MGO had some very annoying flaws like lag issues and the online being region locked, it did have some good stuff. The ranking system for matches was better than most games. Players in automatching lobbies play people their level and plus and minus a level. For example a level 10 plays people who are level 9,10 and 13. If there was not enough available players it would extend to level 8 and level 14 players, trying to maintain some degree of fairness. MGO also had a community support page that could be considered the prototype version of Battlelog for Battlefield and Call of Duty Elite. Players could write posts,check stats and send messages to friends. MGO could definitely benefit from a relaunch. Call it MGO 2.0 and release it as a free-to-play game. MGO already had a monetary system with reward points, so players could buy items like hats and shirts. With free-to-play MGO could do this better like Team Fortress 2 and make some money at the same time to keep improving the game. With some improvements, no region locked areas and a good community it could be an awesome online only game.

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