Battlefield 3 First Impressions

The verdict is in Battlefield 3 is fantastic based on what I played at least. After playing two and a half of the campaign levels, a few multiplayer matches and a little co-op I am pleased to say Battlefield 3 has lived to my expectations more or less at least for the multiplayer, campaign wise I’ll have to play more to find out. Battlefield 3 brings a very authentic feel of modern day war. The guns feel heavy and powerful and the sounds of war are something out of the film Black Hawk Down and the visuals are realistic and provide dirty and chaotic surroundings. I am pleased with how Battlefield presented itself.

Once I dove into the campaign I was in the middle of an action packed  mission, I was on  a subway speeding underground while fighting my way through the cabins fighting off enemies firing clips at me. It was loud, chaotic and surprisingly awesome. As soon as the crazy mission ended I was presented with a nice looking cutscene with two CIA looking gentleman interviewing/interrogating a soldier who I assume I am playing. They asked him to walk them through a mission he had recently been on and just like that I went from watching a cutscene set in an office to handling an assault rifle and exploring a metropolitan area somewhere in the middle east. My squad and I explored the area sneaking through buildings and alleyways  eventually reaching some insanely terrific war like firefights. I was very impressed with the sense of realism produced. Everything from the way your soldier runs carrying pounds and pounds of gear to the bullets flying past the soldiers and hitting the building they were using for cover. At one point in the level I had to fire a rocket at a building to take out an enemy, it completely destroyed the front part of this multi-storey building.

Towards the end of the mission I was partaking in a full out small war against the enemy when out of no where an earthquake hit, yes an earthquake. The first time I’ve seen that in a first person shooter, before I knew it buildings were collapsing, the street was breaking apart and I was buried under rubble. The next level had me waking up groggy in the dark under rubble and hearing the enemy on a microphone calling out to the Americans to stop hiding and surrender to them. I found myself crawling through the rubble under pieces of buildings/streets while avoiding the enemy searchlights in the dark night. The entire level was a linear progression of fighting off groups of enemy soldiers and basically moving out of the hot zone. I eventually came across my squad and we escaped in a chopper. Each level in between featured cutscenes of the two suits interrogating the soldier to find out what happened on his mission. I left off the campaign on a bit of a cliffhanger, apparently a war has broken out in Iran and I was being sent in a jet into the middle of the action. Lets just hope I get to fly around and have some fun with that jet.

The campaign seems to fit it’s purpose to give Battlefield 3 a story but, while I do enjoy what I’ve played so far it just felt like another average campaign. I’m glad to see it’s better than last year’s Medal of Honor so far but, it seems sadly fps singleplayer is slowly becoming less and less important. I personally think it should be the most important part of a fps but, most people would disagree. Along with the campaign I tried the co-op out a little bit with a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed what I played. Co-op has a set of levels separate from the campaign that you and a friend can play together. It was very intense fighting off the enemy and trying out multiple weapons in a short time. The sad part is for some reason the co-op level I played glitched. My teammate and I killed all enemies but, the game didn’t recognize it or hid an enemy that we couldn’t get to, preventing us from progressing any further in the level. I also tried a helicopter level which I died 15 seconds into, flying the helicopter is much harder than I thought.

Now comes the main course the multiplayer. The reason why millions of people bought Battlefield 3. It is gorgeous and so much fun. I played a few matches and the maps I played were probably the most ideal multiplayer maps I have ever played. They provided a lot of variety there were places for hiding, providing good support fire and great sniping positions. I was surprised how camping was not an issue and how matches felt relatively fair. I never felt like I died for some bullshit it was just my inexperience. I did not encounter any glitches or problems to my surprise for a game that has just been realeased, I guess the beta was truly helpful to DICE. Battlefield 3 provides so much things to unlock like weapons, attachments, ribbons and so many types of dog tags. One thing that impressed me was the fact that Battlefield 3 has server lists for multiplayer. I always see that on PC games and I am surprised it’s on a console game and works so well. There were EA official servers for all major areas like Europe, Asia, U.S. etc. Along with that there appeared to be self hosted games or unofficial servers. It all ran very smooth with relatively no problems. The multiplayer has a very unique feel, to me it feels like a campaign mission with up to 24 players. Players seem to work together a bit more than your average fps multiplayer and everything just felt cohesive and smooth I can’t really explain it, it just felt right. I am very happy so far with Battlefield and the only real big disappointment is in myself, that I played so little of this game since I got it one day after its release.

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