Battlefield: Bad Company Revisited

I recently decided to go back and play Battlefield: Bad Company on my Playstation 3. Bad Company was my first introduction to the Battlefield series back in 2009. When I first bought Bad Company I was immediately sucked into the game. I played it everyday for three weeks and even managed to unlock 97% of all the trophies in that short time. The destructible environments and the comedic and badass characters in the campaign were great. The multiplayer was simple and was something new to me. Big maps, less focus on kills and more focus on teamwork. Something that still is not really embraced very much today in current multiplayer games.


I played one campaign mission and few hours online. The first thing I noticed was the guns had very, very little recoil. It made shooting accurately much easier. Compared to Battlefield 3 where every gun has intense recoil it was really fun to take on enemies easily with no recoil. It reminded me of the shooting in Call of Duty 4. The campaign mission I played was challenging on normal and actually better than the campaign missions in Battlefield 3. I was having more fun and my team mates actually helped me, along with that the visuals still hold up. They are definitely not as developed or refined as Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3’s graphics, but everything still looks pleasant. After playing a few matches of the two available game modes, yes two game modes, I was satisfied with my experience and stopped playing. Conquest and Rush are the only game modes and in my opinion that’s all players need to enjoy this multiplayer. Conquest consists of capturing flags and Rush consists of attacking or defending metal crates at a particular base. I had some issues trying to get some games going due to odd connection problems. After a minute or two I was able to join a match. The few, but relatively long matches I played did not have too many players. I played matches with generally 10-16 players in total or 5-8 players on each team. The game does support 24 player multiplayer, but it’s been a few a years so most players have moved on, so a lack of community is understandable.


I had forgot how massive the multiplayer maps were in Bad Company, using vehicles is a must. Bad Company was probably the first shooter to introduce massively destructible environments and it does not disappoint. Buildings still act as ticking time bombs especially if players take cover in them. Immediately players use rockets, tanks, grenades, C4 and anything else to blow up the walls players are hiding behind. I managed to have a bit of fun playing multiplayer even though I did not play with any friends. Players still work as a team, waiting for you to get in a tank or covering you when you’re arming a bomb on a crate in Rush mode. What surprised me the most revisiting Bad Company was the focus on team work, simplicity and most importantly the fun factor. If you own Bad Company and know a few friends that have it also, set up a game, pop open a beer and have some fun. It really was and still is a great multiplayer game it is just too bad that Bad Company’s strengths have been lost in its Battlefield successors.


  1. My biggest complaint about the game is how much ineffective my teamates are in campaign mode.

  2. When I played the campaign, my teammates were helping me much more than they do in Battlefield 3. Teammates in the campaign part of any shooter are usually pretty useless, at least in Bad Company they stay close to you and follow you around.

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