Can Hideo Kojima Create a Good FPS?

1301612373hideo-kojimaKojima is one of the most well-known game designers in the game industry. His games are very well received by both critics and gamers. In my opinion he is the best game designer in the game industry next to the numerous designers of the Final Fantasy games. For years I have been a big fan of Kojima and much of his work, especially the Metal Gear series, one of the most popular and well received game franchises ever created. While many might disagree I consider him to be the Steven Spielberg of video games due to the deep, well thought out and unique stories he creates for each one of his games.

While Kojima is fantastic at creating action adventure games with intricate plots, amazing visuals and fun gameplay, can he make great games in other genres as well? He has done a few games outside his famed Metal Gear series, Snatcher, Zone of Enders and the Boktai games so, he does have experience making a variety of games. While they were received critically they did not make a mark like his Metal Gear games did. With first person shooters being the hot genre this console generation the question comes to mind. Can the great Hideo Kojima make a good first person shooter? I strongly beleive so if he chose to take on that task.

UPM96.mgs4.fps_413--screenshot_largeFirst in foremost Kojima would try to make a fps like no other, something that would break the mold. While shooters now have insane console defining graphics I think Kojima would choose a more artistic visual style than the standard super realistic looks that Battlefield and Call of Duty follow. Even if Kojima didn’t try to create an interesting, unique and complex story for a game like this he would undoubtedly succeed and create a good story something current fps games STRONGLY lack. I would love to see a shooter that concentrates on creating a great story driven campaign with diverse characters instead of what shooters do today, concentrate on the multiplayer.

With Metal Gear Solid 4 Kojima created a fantastic singleplayer but, also decided to whip up a decent online multiplayer. It was nothing that broke walls but, it was good and an unexpected extra to an already great game. Most people do not know that Metal gear Online had some really great features that set itself apart from other multiplayer games. The ability to browse games instead of just automatching. Players’ skill rankings were very sensitive to change. To maintain or increase ranks, players had to keep up their skill, if you kept losing your rank would go down but, if you kept winning and doing better your rank went up. Automatching matches were more balanced than typical multiplayer games, they matched you with people similar to your level. If you were a level 5, the game would search for level 5 players if not enough were available, then it expand its search to surrounding levels 4 and 6 and then 3 and 7. This added some form of balance, a level 4 does not want to play a level 15, especially in MGO. Players could upgrade specific weapon skills, like faster reload times and less recoil on guns. Players could not start off with the best guns in matches, to get better guns, players had to do well throughout a match to unlock points to unlock better weapons for the match yet another overlooked quality that made the game a little more balanced. MGO even had a basic community support social network prior to Battlefield’s Battlelog and Call of Duty Elite and it was free. Players could add friends, post blogs and check stats.


In my mind Hideo Kojima could undoubtedly make a great first person shooter that may even break barriers. The campaign would probably be awesome, something shooters don’t care about these days. MGO had potential to be a fantastic multiplayer and had some great ideas that would make some groundwork for a great FPS multiplayer. Even though Hideo Kojima could make the next great FPS, I would rather he didn’t. Shooters have become too overdone for the past six years so, I hope this genius continues to make unique and uncommon video game experiences.

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