Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Next Gen Is Here

Being a huge Metal Gear Solid fan I have been reading through numerous articles and watching videos regarding the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Here are my thoughts and some new information regarding the next game in Hideo Kojima’s highly revered saga.


Creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, recently stated in an interview that the theme of Metal Gear Solid V will revolve around race, different cultures and revenge. Much like previous Metal Gear games, each game explores topics that Hideo Kojima is interested in at the time and are controversial in today’s world. Previous games in the series have explored human cloning, nuclear weapons, free will, patriotism and of course the horrors of war. Metal Gear Solid V will undoubtedly continue the trend of exploring both taboo and important topics, that are rarely explored in video games. Hideo Kojima has made it clear that he believes video games should explore ideas that are controversial and prevalent in today’s society just as how movies and novels have done.

Mother Base has a similar look to the The Plant in MGS2

Seal Team 10 is in

Speaking on the size of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Kojima said “it’s 200 times bigger than Ground Zeroes.” Many people have claimed that Ground Zeroes is only and hour long so based on that math we could say that MGSV would take 200 hours to explore and complete but, that is unlikely. Even if the game is only a tenth of that players could potentially explore the game in 20 hours with a relaxed playthrough. Along with that the game will feature an online component adding much more content for players to explore. Kojima also stated that based on feedback from Ground Zeroes, controls and playabilty will be improved and Snake’s infamous cardboard box will be returning in the Phantom Pain. I personally hope Kojima spends considerable time crafting and perfecting the online component of MGSV. I loved Metal Gear Online in Metal Gear Solid 4 even if it had a lot of flaws and would love to see its resurgence.


Taking full advantage of the Fulton Recovery System

Metal Gear Solid V is looking like the most ambitious Metal Gear Solid game yet with dynamic weather including a day and night cycle, rain and sand storms. These realistic weather effects will affect things like the ability to successfully transport packages with the Fulton Recovery System. Kojima’s humor isn’t lost in this realistic war drama, players will be able to strap animals to the recovery balloon and have them float away to Big Boss’ Mother Base. The Fulton Recovery System that first appeared in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker will play a key role in this installment along with Big Boss’ Mother Base. Players will be able to transport enemy soldiers, vehicles and animals among other things. Capturing enemy soldiers and enlisting them will provide the opportunity to level them up, much like Peace Walker, to help your cause and provide valuable information. Successful packages that are transported with the Fulton Recovery earn GMP to help acquire more items and Weapons similar to the Drebin Points in Metal Gear Solid 4. Mother Base is adding some RPG elements to the game, something not very present in previous Metal Gear Solid games. Players will be able to customize their Mother base and have lots to do in between missions at Mother Base, which itself acts as a giant location to be explored. This is different from the typical Metal Gear Solid experience where Snake is on his own with no breaks in between objectives. While it could be argued that adding this element will detract the fluid Metal Gear experience we know and love, I trust Kojima will incorporate Mother Base in a smart and useful way that gives the game more depth.


Speaking at a roundtable interview session at E3, courtesy of Gamasutra, Hideo Kojima stated that Metal Gear Solid V will be the most expensive game he has ever designed and a larger budget is affecting his ability to be more creative in his work. “I want to use a lot of technology, but as we use more technology we need more budget, and when you need more budget it’s more difficult to put more authorship into the game; the relationship with the marketing department becomes more difficult, so, as a creator it has become very difficult; the more technology we use, the more difficult being creative becomes.” Further into the interview Kojima explains why he focused on the dark themes of rape and torture in Ground Zeroes. “Of course I expected people to react to this, but then again the theme of the game I’m trying to create here…there are very dark themes; themes such as race, and revenge. That’s something I don’t want to look away from. I did see the reaction coming, but that doesn’t change the message I want to relay.”


With the end if E3 more details have been made public about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and there are a few main things to take away from Kojima’s next creation. The Phantom Pain will undoubtedly be much darker than any previous Metal Gear Solid Game. It’s looking to be the deepest game visually and technically, the infamous box now has more versatility allowing players to use items in it and jump out of it, all I can say is…it’s about time. This installment will have much more RPG aspects about it with Mother Base and the game itself will be massive, with much much more terrain and areas to explore than any previous Metal Gear Solid.

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