Global Agenda First Impressions

Prior to the Hurricane on the east coast I was just beginning to play the free-to-play MMO Global Agenda. It’s a mix of the shooter/adventure genre. I began my journey in Global Agenda by first choosing one of the 4 classes to play as, Recon, Medic, Assault and Robotics. I chose the Recon class and began to play the tutorial. The tutorial presented some sort of story, you are an agent who was supposed to work for an evil government known as the commonwealth who rules the world but, you are busted out of a facility with the help of some rebel counter agents. It sort of reminded me of the beginning of the “The Matrix”.

sonoran-desertAfter finishing the tutorial I was brought into this Dome City that seems to be the central hub of the game. From there I was able to see other players walking around, shopping for items and going to the arena to battle each other. I was soon outside the central hub in a desert similar to the environment of Fallout 3. It was large, colorful and throughout the landscape there were different types of low level enemies. It led me to a small junkyard area where there was in game characters to talk to so I could start some small missions to get my feet wet. The non playable characters or NPCs were not voiced over but, rather spoke in text like many RPGs. The quests were relatively easy and basic, like searching through a mine to destroy three specific enemies to earn some experience. The main way your character and other character get around are by walking and using your jet pack, it’s as important as a car in GTA. Every character has a jet pack  that uses a certain amount of power or version of mana that regenerates after you deplete it. Flying around with the jet pack was fun but, relatively basic. I couldn’t fly like superman but, I could get to where I needed to be fairly easily.

globalagenda-720x405My character had a skill tree strikingly similar to the one in League of Legends. This skill tree can be customized to a player’s desire which adds a more unique feel to each player. Along with that new areas and missions are unlocked the more you progress and level up throughout the game. I was only able to play in the desert environment since all other areas were locked due to my low level. I don’t know if new areas can be stumbled across or strictly unlocked by a players’ experience. Either way the game does seem to have a quick pace to it making it easier to level up. After completing a few quests I traveled to the arena to fight some other players. Most of the players were of higher levels and destroyed me quickly with ease. For some reason though the arena didn’t count kills or deaths, it may have been more of a training area for players than an actual competitive mode. It was hectic and decently fun but, nothing insane.

Global Agenda seems to be one of those overlooked MMOs with some potential. It has a very cool and unique science fiction setting and look to it. I played this on the lowest settings since my laptop could not handle more yet, I found the visuals appealing. The game has simple to average customization, a cool art design and something just unique about it. The only things I was really disappointed about the game was the voice acting, it was good but, plagued by a bad script and I was not able to play this game on high settings. While Global Agenda is not groundbreaking it is certainly worth an hour or two to check out at least for its unique visuals.

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