Goldeneye 007 Reloaded Demo Impressions


Yesterday I finished the extremely short Goldeneye 007 Reloaded Demo for Playstation 3 and it left me confused and wanting more. Goldeneye 007 Reloaded is a port of last year’s Wii game Goldeneye 007 which is a semi remake of the original classic first person shooter Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64. The demo starts off on the famous Dam mission from the original Goldeneye but, everything is much different, things have been sadly… modernized. There is no Cold War vibe and Russia is referred to as the Russian Federation in the opening credit and of course Peirce Bronsnan is no longer Bond but rather the new blond Daniel Craig is the star. The Dam level looks very different and I don’t mean its improved graphics, it’s raining, gloomy and everything has a Call of Duty feel. While Call of Duty is great in all I want to play as sophisticated, cool and intelligent James Bond not another adrenaline junkie soldier.

After taking out a few guards with my computer AI teammate 006, we get in a military truck and drive down a large tunnel and eventually get stopped by some Russian patrols and decide that they should no longer continue living. We instantly get thrown into high adrenaline car chase. 006 drives down the tunnel while I shoot out the window with my AK at enemies and vehicles trying to run us off the road. The chase was cool and explosive but, I felt like I was playing another action shooter and not James Bond game. After about a minute of this my teammate jumps out of the truck right before a rocket hits it and I sadly decide to stay and go for a tumble in the airborne truck. I quickly climb out of the destroyed truck and follow 006 down an elevator shaft. As soon as we open the elevator door a slow motion shootout scene unveils itself and I take out 3 enemies with my silenced pistol but, not quick enough for one of them to sound the alarm. My teammate stays behind to provided cover fire as I make my way through an interesting looking complex blowing away enemies with each corner I take. The demo suddenly ends while walking towards another section. I was confused why the demo would end so abruptly and after barely playing for 10 minutes or even completing a level.

This remastered PS3 version is definitely much better looking than Wii version and to my surprise looks like it could have been developed originally for the Playstation 3. The problem is while it looks nice, it was originally made for the Wii so rate of fire is slow and it seems like an easy shooter compared to the rest. Along with that it feels too much like Call of Duty and every other first person shooter so it’s hard to keep my interest. I want stealth, variety and most importantly James Bond particularly Pierce Bronsan. Activision needs to know that people want the original Goldeneye just upgraded so we can play it today and not in 1997. While the campaign gave me a hint of Call of Duty action maybe if Goldeneye 007 Reloaded has a fun and addicting multiplayer like it did all those years ago I would recommend it for a purchase if not I would wait for a price drop before purchasing this bland first person shooter. I would recommend Activision release some kind of patch so players could play as Pierce Bronsan substituting Daniel as Bond at least in the cutscenes. In the end all we need is Goldeneye 007 from the N64 upscaled to HD with better controls and BOTH split screen and online multiplayer to keep us fans happy. I leave you off with a quote I believe in “Once the Nintendo 64 has a network adapter added EVERYONE will be playing 007 Goldeneye Online and forget about COD, Halo, Battlefield and shooters all together”.

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