Is the PSP Dead or Does it Have Some Life Left in It


Today I stopped by a Walmart to get some things and decided to check out the video game section. I wanted to ask one of the employees in the gaming area if I should buy a PS3. I own a PS3 but, wanted to know how the Playstation Network Crisis has affected people from buying this console. There was no one around, expected, the people that work a Walmart don’t do anything so, I went and checked out the software titles. I noticed that the amount of PSP games have greatly diminished. I only saw four PSP games. I know that the Sony NGP, the successor to the PSP, has been announced but, I did not expect PSP games to drop in demand that quickly. It could of just been a day in between shipments for more PSP games but, I doubt it. It seems that the PSP has more or less reached its saturation point in the market yet, I still need to buy one.

I plan to buy one this summer and I’m pretty happy to know that there is a giant library of games for the PSP. The only thing I worry about is that if the PSP is near the end of its life cycle will the online network on it be shut down? This has seemed to happen with many PS2 games, many of the games’ online servers have been shut down, which is understandable since the PS3 has been released but, some people may still want to play PS2 online. I know I would of liked to play it online but, all the games that I want to play online had their servers shut down.

So, back to the PSP it has a great library of games, a good online network that synchronizes with the PS3 and overall it’s a great handheld. It’s not dead yet and it’s  doing well in Japan, this handheld still has some fight left in it and I don’t expect it to die just yet not for at least two more years anyway. Just recently a few well received games were released Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, Patapon 3 and The 3rd Birthday. I look forward to getting this great handheld and playing some games on it. I hope to see some more good titles released for it during its remaining life cycle.

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