League of Legends First Impressions

Today I tried League of Legends a free to play real time strategy game that is free for PC users. I only heard of this game recently but, it’s been around for quite some time. League of Legends or LOL (I know) has been around since 2009 and has had tremendous success surprisingly to my knowledge. According to Gamasutra.com LOL has over 15 million registered players, that’s more than World of Warcraft but, has 1.4 million daily players probably less than World of Warcraft. Even though it is an RTS game, players only have to control one character or a champion instead of micromanaging a number of characters and bases. There are a number of champions available for free with a number of unique abilities but, players can spend real money to buy other champions or the more they play the more influence points or IP they earn so they can buy new characters. Players can also buy riot points or RP with real money to buy new champions and support this free to play gem. The gameplay is simple, each team has a nexus or base that needs to be destroyed and a number of turrets or towers that fire on you and protect the nexus.

What makes this great is no micromanaging other units, just worry about your own character and his health since there are an unlimited number if minions to go out and fight/distract the enemy as well as other players. I played a few matches of player vs player with 5 on 5 and a match with two other players against the computer for a 3 on 3 match. I got destroyed in these matches but, they were very fun. I only played two maps but, each map was different with a different look and different positions of the turrets and nexuses. Along with that there were different random monsters like wolves and golems to fight for extra experience and difficulty not counting the enemy minions and champions. Each champion I used had a very different look and feel with unique attacks and spells that I unlocked in the match. Players will level up numerous times in a match since, my matches were around 20-25 minutes each. New abilities will be unlocked and strengthen with each level earned, based on what players want to strengthen. There are also items to buy like better swords, armor and potions to help you beat the enemy. The battles were insane at times with  20 minions on screen fighting me off and my allies and usually me dieng. The game is easy to pick up and play but, beginners will get worked so don’t be discouraged too much. The community seems great since I had a random level 3o player, ShadowXSeeker, take the time to personally voice chat with me and tutor me in a custom match. I’ve never had this happen to me in any other game before.

LOL definitely reinforces the magic, medieval feel with swords, spells and armor but, the characters players can use are so different that it changes the feel of the atmosphere. Visually the game has a great  colorful art style that is not groundbreaking but, looks great. One particular thing I liked about LOL was the load screens. Before a match each load screen would show a loading bar for each player on both teams so, you know what player is not fully connected yet. This is nothing special but, I’ve never seen it before and helps me know why a match hasn’t started due to a long load time.  League of Legends is hard but, I had a great time playing it, if I improve my skill I will definitely continue playing this great free to play RTS game. Thanks again to ShadowXseeker for giving me some tips on how to to improve my skill at this game.

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