Medal of Honor Revisited

I recently went back to play Medal of Honor for Playstation 3. The blockbuster first person shooter set in modern times that came out almost 6 months ago. I was bored so I thought I would pop the game into my ps3 and play online. I quickly was placed into a game on team deathmatch and started playing. There was around 3000 players online so there were no shortage of players for the matches. The online was still fun but, not amazing. I still felt that it didn’t have any unique feature or reason to play it online, other than that I was bored. The matches played well and I had some good matches and bad. I started to re encounter the problems I had with the game months ago when I purchased it. There isn’t much of a variety of weapons and EVERY weapon can have a scope attached to it except the pistol and RPG. This creates a lot of quick kills and for me deaths causing me to get bored and frustrated at times, especially when I first played bought the game and tried the online. It probably took me close to ten hours to get good enough that I was placing in the top 50% of the players in matches. The generosity with scopes and strong bullet damage creates an annoying experience at times. I suggest if anyone is planning to get this game be prepared to get your ass kicked online until you level up enough to get some scopes on your weapons. After playing for 2 hours I was all set for the night with Medal of Honor.

There was enough players to fill the popular games except one, clean sweep. I was only able to play two matches and then there was a shortage of players so it was over. There was only 13 players available to play that game type. It’s sad to see how quickly this game got crushed by it’s competitors. When it came out it was seen as a real competitor to Call of Duty, Battlefield Bad Company and Halo but, it failed expectations and the community quickly left this game behind. On day one there was around 25000 players and that quickly diminished after a few weeks to less than 15,000 and now it’s less than 3000. Don’t get me wrong it is a good game just not a great game. It has a fun but, rather short single player campaign and a decent online experience. I regret purchasing it on day one when I could of saved the money and purchased now at a much lower cost.


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