Orange Box Review Part 2

Half Life 2 and its sequels are some of the best known games out there next to Halo and Starcraft. Many agree that it’s one of the best pc games of all time and some agree that it may also be one of the greatest games of all time period. I’m reviewing these 3 games as 1 complete game. The reason is the Half Life sequels don’t feel like sequels or expansions even. They look, play and sound exactly like Half Life 2 and have very minor improvements to be considered completely new games. Episode One and two feel almost as they were cut from the game to be released separately to make a little more money. As a whole, all three games are a lengthy, satisfying and reasonably fun experience.

Half Life 2 is considerably longer than Episode One and two. A Half Life 2 playthrough can take around 19 hours while Episode One is only about 6 and Episode Two finishes off at around eight. All together thirty-three hours of gameplay is pretty damn good and very lengthy for a first person shooter. As a whole the three games have very impressive visuals, great sound and good voice acting. While the Half Life games implemented some fantastic, kind of revolutionary improvements like detailed mouthing and stunning reflections and better physics, as a whole the games let me down. The story was virtually not there in the first part of Half Life 2 and on Episode One and two the games barely touched it. I found myself playing through the game meeting characters who knew everything about me, my past but, I knew nothing about them. As for the action and fun sections of these games, Half Life 2, the longest part of the three, had the least amount and had the most puzzles and boring sections. Episode One had slightly more action and Episode Two finished off the game with a bunch of action and explosions and a smaller amount of puzzles.

Individually these games have weaknesses and are not superb games but, rather average, on the other hand if played all three back to back the games are a lengthy, different and fun experience. I didn’t find these games very gripping and revolutionary as many have stated. It’s hard to explain, this trilogy has unique concepts and major improvements compared to other games but, as a whole it’s definitely not a game I’ll be replaying. I found myself playing this while listening to a podcast or watching TV show, it didn’t grab me. It could of been the fact I played it on a laptop and not a console with a controller as I am used to. In conclusion Half Life 2 and its so called sequels are a unique, sometimes annoying but overall fun experience. A good purchase along with the other games in the Orange Box.

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