PES 2012 vs. FIFA 12 Demo Impressions

I had the chance to play the demos of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and FIFA 12 on the PS3 today and while both games revolve around the same sport football (soccer) they are different and probably aimed towards two separate fan bases. Here are my impressions of both games after playing two matches on each demo. There are 6 teams to choose from in PES, all 6 teams are from Portugal, England, Italy and South America. PES is definitely a good looking game, the characters look great down to the sweat running down their faces although, the game is nice visually PES has a tough learning curve while. I found it hard to dribble around opposing players causing me to never even score one goal out of the two matches I played. PES does have a more hardcore feel to it than FIFA. The game delivered a slightly more cinematic experience instead of a more realistic one from FIFA but, it was still good. The Demo included a great trailer but, the demo had no commentary during the matches causing the matches to feel rather bland.

FIFA 12 surprised me on how little its changed, it is not a bad thing by any means but, does still feel like FIFA just as Madden feels the same every year. I have not played a soccer game since FIFA 08 for PS2 and I was surprised how quickly I was accustomed to the controls and feel of the game. EA has kept a winning formula of a simple learning curve for beginners with enough depth to satisfy veterans of FIFA. The game had a more authentic feel and look compared to PES. FIFA also had only 6 teams to choose from, all from Europe, England, France, Italy and Spain. The matches felt and looked like if I was watching a real football match on TV. The intro with all the team info looked great and fit perfectly as well as the replays that appeared throughout the match. This demo included a tutorial and was much easier to pick up and play than Konami’s PES but, the demo did have its problems. FIFA has great presentation but, the players do not look as detailed and sharp as the ones in PES and replays are not as easy to manipulate as in PES. Also the crowds looked very subpar, large chunks of them were moving at the same exact pattern soiling the otherwise perfect experience. One particular thing I especially liked was playing around with the dynamic camera setting which followed my player with a shaky cam as I would go running up for a goal. Overall the game is great and probably the superior of the two football games.

The easiest way to describe and categorize these games is FIFA 12 is more like the fighting game Tekken, it’s easy for anyone to pick up and play while PES 2012 is more like the PS1 Mortal Kombat, it’s harder to play but, with time learning the ins and outs it’s probably more satisfying especially for the hardcore football crowd.



+ easy learning curve

+ more authentic

– player models

PES 2012

+ better looking players

– hard learning curve


  1. PES 2012 for hardcore fans?! I was a massive PES fan, but I’m afraid it’s lost it’s way on next gen consoles. Granted, PES has improved a lot over the last two years, but the player animation & feel hasn’t changed.
    FIFA 10 & 11 had a very similar feel to them, but FIFA 12 is completely different. Tactical defending & impact engine apart, it’s the subtle changes that stand out so much. Players making good decisions & team movement brilliant. Quick throws & injuries off the ball are what impressed me most. I think you need to play on legendary setting, 4/5 games & then come back with a more considered opinion.

  2. I have never played a PES game before, it seemed harder to play and FIFA I’ve have not been in to since FIFA 08 for PS2, I’m not an expert on football or the football games, this was just my impressions from what I played of the two demos.

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