Plants vs. Zombies Review


I recently bought Plants vs. Zombies on Steam, the wonderful online gaming service, it was on sale for just $3.40 so, I picked it up. For less than 5 American dollars or 3.5 Euros for our European friends, I acquired the game and if that was not enough it’s the game of the year edition with all the bonus content. I had heard and read that this game was very well received on the iPhone but, I don’t own an iPhone and was too lazy to get it on the PSN. I’m glad I didn’t because this a perfect game to use a mouse.

Plants vs. Zombies is a type of tower defense game that is simple, cute and oh so addicting. The objective of the game is to build a defense by planting a wide variety of plants to fight off a horde of incoming zombies. The zombies are trying to reach your home and all that stands in their way is your lawn and the defense grid you create. Players can plant flowers to harvest sunlight, sunlight is used as a fuel that helps you plant more green-life to fight the incoming zombies. Their is a great variety of plants to use to fight the zombies like plants that fire green balls, giant melons that can crush zombies and red peppers that burn zombies into ash just to name a few. As players progress they will unlock other plants to further increase and strengthen their defense and attack against the zombies. The zombies as well progress into a nice  and deadly variety. There are the regular slow walking zombies, zombies dressed as football players with increased speed and strength and even zombies who somehow have the intelligence to drive a lawnmower that can run over your plants and break through your defense much more easily.


This game is so simple but, can become very complex and strategic. As players progress levels can change from day to night, where sunlight is not as easy to obtain, a pond can be placed in the middle of the lawn creating a new set of obstacles. Even the environment can change completely, causing players to rethink their strategies. For example one area is the roof. Battling on the roof has its challenges like there is no soil so, flowerpots must be placed to grow plants, there are inclines and declines on the shingles so, straight attacks will not work. Players will have to adapt to the environments and the challenges they bring like fog, time of day and other conditions to progress through the game. This game is simple but, the more you play, the more complex and insane the battles become.

If players get bored or want a change of pace from the adventure mode they can tackle on one of the other 3 modes available. The puzzle mode, survival mode and the minigames. The minigames and the games in survival mode are unlocked as you progress further and further through the adventure mode. I have put almost 6 hours into this game and I still have so much more to do. This is game is probably one of the best casual games ever made and perfect for any gamer. It’s addicting and so worth the $10 price tag.

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