Alliance of Valiant Arms First Impressions

Recently the PC game Alliance of Valiant Arms or AVA was released on the digital game distribution service Steam free to play with micro-transactions. It’s a multi-player only first person shooter similar to Call of Duty and Battlefield. It runs on  the Unreal 3 engine so the game looks good and actually plays pretty well. Just like the other popular shooters new guns, attachments and other items are released as you level up and can be purchased with the money you earn playing the game.

AVA doesn’t break the mold but, it’s a fun shooter with already a decent sized community. Just on Steam it already has over 3000 regular players and that’s not counting the players that play it without Steam. The game feels balanced and easy to pick up. There are currently lobbies for players depending on their skill/level. I didn’t notice a quickplay or automatch mode so, players will have to rummage through a list of games and pick one. Along with that the game has co-op multi-player. The only one real problem I have with the game is there are only three classes: point man, rifle man and sniper. This is just like Medal of Honor. I didn’t see any rpgs, helicopters, perks or anything complex that the bigger first person shooters have but, it’s free and not glitchy so, I can’t complain too much.

While this certainly won’t replace Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo or any of the big or even small retail shooters it is good for those who want something free that can run on most computers today without hassle. I run it on a dual core laptop with medium-high settings and haven’t encountered any problems. Check out Alliance of Valiant Arms available now for free on Steam.


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