Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Vanquish Demo Impressions

I recently played the Vanquish and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West demos. I know it’s kind of late but, I had not purchased the games when they were released and wanted to play them. After playing them I was pretty happy and a little stunned how good these games were based on my little play time. Vanquish is just an explosive experience. I got to play as some marine-type commando with an awesome suit and some weapons. The main objective was to kill everything on the screen except your allied commandos. It was very fun sliding around, going into slow motion and using acrobatic moves killing everyone and anything. It also had a giant boss reminiscent of the old Playstation 1 games.

Enslaved was a cool adventure, action game. I had to play as some type of slave trying to escape some air ship on the verge of crashing. It was a simple combo based button combat game with some very nice visuals. The combat was quite addicting and the small story that is shown seems interesting. The only drawback to the game was that the camera was pretty bad, but it didn’t make it unplayable. I can see when I buy this game the camera will cause me some frustration but, hopefully not too much frustration. I’m glad I waited a while until these games went down in price because they seem like good, overlooked games that are not worth $60 each. Now that they’re cheaper I’m sure I’ll pick these up. I recommend people check out these two games that were hidden among the blockbuster season.

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