Resistance 2 First Impressions

So I finally got the pleasure to play the first person shooter Resistance 2 for Playstation 3. I have to say it is pretty great. I have been wanting to play this game for a while and after playing for around 3 hours of both the single-player campaign and the multiplayer, I’m pretty blown away, mostly with campaign so far. I played the first few levels of campaign and the scale of things is much, much bigger. The enemies are now a bit more intelligent and physically bigger. I’ve had to fight a few rather large enemies that reminded me of “Hunters” from the Halo games. The game opens right where the first one ended. Nathan Hale is walking back from the giant Chimera tower he just destroyed when he is picked up or rather, forcefully taken by his allied soldiers. On your way to one of the allies’ bases in a VOTL, army aircraft, you get shot down. Only Hale and another soldier survive and it’s their job to fight their way through some chimera and reach the base they were heading to. When arriving there Hale’s job is to find and safely escort a Russian scientist off the base before it is completely overrun by the ever growing enemy. The main thing I noticed when playing Resistance 2 is that everything is bigger and much more colorful. The world you get dropped into seems bigger, more detailed and definitely more chaotic. In this sequel the guns feel more accurate and pack more of a punch and the story also seems to play a larger role.


After playing the campaign a bit, I thought of immersing myself in the critically acclaimed online multiplayer. The online of Resistance 2 supports up to 60 players all on one map. While I expected the large scale online matches to be extremely chaotic they felt just a tad more organized, which was not exactly what I wanted but, it is still fun. Players are broken into squads and each squad’s kills are tallied up to see where each squad stands and all the kills from each side are added up for a total. For example if the goal of the match is to reach 1000 kills each side has its players broken into squads and each squad contributes to a total amount of kills. While I did not see anything unique of being in a certain squad I did like that the amount of kills accumalated by each squad contributed to the total score, it’s a nice tiny feature. The online multiplayer played more or less well, not many lag issues and there is still a good amount of people online. I did not get to play a full 60 player match but, a match with close to 50 players had its share of fun and chaos.

I have yet to try the cooperative online play that supports up to 8 players but, from the looks of everything else in the game it is probably going to be a good experience. This game definitely is a great shooter that can hold its own to Call of Duty, Halo and the Battlefield games. I’m surprised this game is out of print but, it will probably be back on store shelves soon, to get people ready for the third installment, Resistance 3.

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