Resistance 2 Review


Resistance 2 is the follow up to the well received first person shooter Resistance: Fall of Man for the Playstation 3. This shooter continues the story of Nathan Hale an American soldier fighting in an alternate 1950’s time setting against an alien race called the Chimera. In the previous game Nathan is infected with the Chimera virus and is expected to eventually turn into to the savage enemy. In Resistance 2 the disease is really starting to take effect on Hale and he doesn’t have much time left as human. After some time without treatment he has a few hours to complete his mission before he turns into a full fledged Chimera. The story in the campaign is less visible than the previous game and serves more as a reason why you are fighting. This particularly bugged me since the story seems like it has good potential to become something more if the writers added more detail to Hale and the current situation of the war.

The single player campaign has a nice variety of action filled missions. They take place in very unique settings, like a Louisiana bayou, a Chimera ship and the city of Chicago to name a few. The single player has a very nice look and feel compared to the previous game. The graphics are very colorful and bright unlike the last game where much of it was gray and gritty and not very appealing. This game improves the visuals from giant backgrounds of orange sky with large alien ships and even the sun reflecting on your guns is a nice touch. Visually the game takes a nice jump forward. The campaign can generally take around eight hours and they are some explosive eight hours. There are elements of insane action RES2but, also some creepy dark areas with moody and sudden music similar to the feel in the Resident Evil games. The game also makes players feel like they’re very tiny in this large, explosive world. My only real complaint is that enemies gravitate towards you even when you have a squad of soldiers with you. I guess this is common in shooters but, I don’t remember this happening as much in the previous game. The game ends on a cliffhanger and at the same time concludes Nathan Hale‘s story. It left me yearning for more so, I’m glad that Resistance 3 is almost here to fill that void.

The multiplayer is good but, average at the same time. What really drew me in was the 60 player online matches. I was surprised when playing them that they were not as hectic as I hoped for but, they also ran so smoothly that I was very impressed. The game has your general match types of deathmatch, team deathmatch, core control or capture the flag as most people know it and skirmish. The multiplayer doesn’t bring anything real new to the table other than the 60 player matches. The maps are large, unique and detailed and along with the explosive and diverse guns make for some good online play. Along with that players can use special abilities rewarded after a certain amount of kills or damage caused to the rival players. Abilities like invisibility, Chimera vision, where players can see their enemies through walls, and prototype ammo are just some of the helpful abilities. Multiplayer feels balanced more or less and the more you play, the easier it will get. The multiplayer also adds a nice cooperative mode where up to eight players can tackle a series of missions that are completely separate from the campaign. These missions add constraints to players, they are only able to pick 1 of 3 classes for each mission. Medic, soldier and special ops each have their strengths and weakness adding a bit more strategy to cooperative play.

Resistance 2 doesn’t revolutionize first person shooters but, improves on everything its predecessor did. It added some nice features, better visuals and more improved online play. Resistance 2 delivers a fun and explosive single player experience and a solid multiplayer with some nice additions and shouldn‘t disappoint fans and newcomers alike.

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