Resistance 3 Demo Impressions

I just finished playing the Resistance 3 demo and all I can say is shame on you PS3 gamers who have shunned this game. It is really good, while I didn’t expect a huge improvement over Resistance 2, Resistance 3 seems like a more well designed, polished and cleaner shooter than its predecessor. The first thing I noticed when I tried the demo was the opening menu for the gamem it has some animated faces instead of some fancy, visually stunning menu screen. It is simple and has originality, the two animated people are of two characters in the game that I assume are main characters based on the trailers I’ve seen.

The demo provided only one level but, a good level that left me wanting to play more. The level was set in a junkyard type area where there was broken down cars laying around and old country houses placed on the edges of the level. The sky was also very yellow and gloomy and the rushing enemies didn’t help the gloomy and dark atmosphere. Along with the music the whole atmosphere was really dark, action paced, unique and most of all really cool. The enemies were the same Chimera from the previous game but, also some new versions. These new Chimera had the ability to jump extremely high and move from place to place on the map really quickly. It caused a cool sense of being overwhelmed.

The objective of the mission was to just fight off the Chimera coming down from small ships and most importantly stay alive. The weapons seemed much more accurate and the shooting felt more orientated towards Call of Duty players. It felt pretty good, the aiming was much more accurate, there was less recoil on the guns and the guns still felt powerful but, not like the previous game. Each gun didn’t feel like a small nuke in your hand, not saying that’s a bad thing. The weapon wheel was also included, it allowed me to carry more than two guns, something I had longed for since Resistance: Fall of Man.

Fighting off the smarter and more diverse enemy was challenging and I was surprised how I only died twice on the demo on the hardest difficulty. Then came the boss, a large monster with some type of powered shoulder shields I had to destroy to beat it. The battle had an early Haloesque feel. While the demo did not present any cutscenes or information about the story, if it can be 1 and a half times better than Resistance 2 I would be happy. Resistance 3 seems like a great shooter with a cool atmosphere and probably a good but, overlooked online multiplayer. I am not purchasing Resistance 3 now since, I have Battlefield 3 as my go to first person shooter for the next coming months, I will join the resistance sometime late next year and by that time I’ll be dying to fight the Chimera.

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