Stargate SG-1 Season 1

Stargate SG-1 is a science fiction TV show that began in 1997 a few years after the Stargate film was released. Stargate SG-1 follows a team in charge of exploring other worlds through a highly advanced alien technology known as the Stargate. The Stargate is a giant circular door, that acts as a doorway between galaxies and planets. There is a courageous team made up of 4 people that has the task to explore these worlds and at the same time battle an evil enemy known as the Goa’uld.

The team known as SG-1 consists of Colonel Jack O’Neill a veteran of the military with experience in special forces, Captain Samantha Carter is astrophysicist with military experience, Daniel Jackson, an archeologist with expertise in ancient Egyptian culture and Teal’c, a foreign human from another planet who carries an alien parasite within him. These four diverse characters really shine throughout Stargate SG-1’s first season. The season sets the foundation to why people, including I, love these characters. O’Neill played by Richard Dean Anderson, is a perfect leader who always has a plan and witty comments for any situation. He adds some nice sprinkled comedy and plays the persona of a military man very well. Daniel played by Michael Shanks, is more or less the interpreter of the group. He rarely fights since, he has no military background and he is a key in saving the team from being killed by the people they meet numerous times. With his knowledge of history in general, languages and alien culture he helps the plot move along as well as make it more interesting.

Carter who is played by the beautiful Amanda Tapping, is the highly intelligent scientist and soldier. She definitely adds some visual eye candy but, is not the damsel in distress in any way. She knows her astronomy and has military experience so, she becomes a very important part of the defense of the group. Along with that there seems to be a small casual interest in the colonel maybe leading to some type of love interest. Teal’c played by Christopher Judge, is the definitely the most unique of the group. He is a Jaffar, a soldier from another planet who chooses no longer to serve his brutal, unfair and evil Gods known as the Goa’uld so, he joins the SG-1 team to battle the Goa’uld. Being a Jaffar he carries a parasitic alien Goa’uld in his abdomen which he cannot remove because it would kill him. This adds more detail and interest into the serious and relatively quiet Teal’c character.

Stargate-SG-1-001Stargate SG-1 has very interesting and different characters that embark onmissions to new alien worlds. Almost every episode the SG-1 team visits a new world usually with a new race of life and usually has some deathly situation they need to solve or avoid. The show has nice production values and is very accurate with the military aspect of it. Along with that the show uses many existing history to relate to the new worlds that are visited. Much of the history includes ancient Egyptian culture. SG-1 does not rely heavily on weird looking alien races like in Star Trek or Star Wars or like many other science fiction shows and movies. They try to add some sense of realism and keep it grounded so anybody can watch it.


Stargate SG-1 is a very overlooked TV series that should be given a chance. I personally used to watch this show as a kid randomly whenever it was on in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Now that it’s available in its entirety on Netflix I had the pleasure of watching the entire first season and I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to watching the remaining nine seasons. If you’re still not sure if this is for you, try watching the Stargate film that was released a few years prior to the actual TV series. It set up the story and characters for the TV series.

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  1. I actually followed Richard Dean Anderson to Stargate: SG1. Though I’m a sci-fi fanatic and undoubtedly would have gotten there anyway, I loved RDA as MacGyver and that’s why I was so anxious to see the series. However, I didn’t have cable for the first few years it was on, and it had a tendency to jump around networks, so I only caught episodes here and there until about season 6. At that point, I had seen enough to know I loved the show, and than came cable — along with daily reruns of Stargate. But it wasn’t until my SG buddy and I got the DVDs and watched them all in order that I realized what a gem they had going. I have been a Star Trek fan most of my life and I never, ever thought I could be “more into” anything than Trek. But I have to admit, after having watched all the series and all the movies involved with either Franchise ….this is so hard!…SG1 tips the scale. But maybe only because they came later in time and the graphics were better and the plot lines more sophisticated…

    I don ‘t know…but either way, SG1 is a rocking series and I can’t imagine that anyone who enjoys top-notch sci-fi wouldn’t love it as much as I. As you said, it mixes history and current events into its texture. And the graphics!! The graphics were always seamless and avante-garde. I am devastated by MGM/Spyglass’s attempt to black-ball the Stargate Franchise. I will not be going to or buying any of their releases until they “unlock” the door. I can understand canceling a series, but to say “that’s all there is and there will never be any more” is as short-sighted as Paramount’s 1960’s stance on Star Trek

    So…thumbs up!

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