Stargate SG-1 Season 2

Season 2 of Stargate SG-1 continues the series after a nice solid season 1. Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger, the Goa’uld were on their way to destroy earth and it was up to the SG-1 team to stop them and save earth. Season 2 starts of on a high note, SG-1 defeats the Goa’uld ships that are about to destroy earth and keep earth safe…for now. If you were hooked with season 1 and their overall good and solid list of episodes you’ll probably be even more pleased with season 2.


Season 2 has quite a bit of variety compared to season 1 and viewers can definitely tell some episodes are meant to start side stories for future episodes and upcoming seasons. A few particular episodes in the season were very unique and interesting. For example one episode Captain Carter’s body is taken over by a Goa-uld and more is learned of the enemy Goa’uld, for instance not all of them are out to take over the universe but, rather want peace. Another episode “The Fifth Race” Colonel O’Neill actually learns ancient alien knowledge that literally takes over his mind, increasing his intelligence to dangerous levels and leading him to discover an alien race, similar to the stereotypical aliens of pop culture. In one episode the team is even sent back to 1969 by accident and they have to figure out a way to get back to present day. The cheesy 60’s look and feel was something I didn’t expect from a science fiction show but, did 85782enjoy. My favorite episode of the season without a doubt was the “A Matter of Time” episode, where Stargate command sends another SG team to a planet where there is a black hole in the distance. This causes time to be distorted around the gate and even worse the gate is not able to be shutdown. Pretty soon earth will be sucked through the gate if something is not done about it. It was a great concept that was executed well and had some cool effects of time distortion within Stargate Command.

Throughout season 2 you’ll probably start to care more and more about each of the 4 members of the SG-1. More character development is done and it’s great that some episodes focus on either Jack, Daniel, Samantha or Teal’c. Along with character development, the show starts to use a bit more cgi for some episodes and it’s fine for a TV show back in 1999 and it is sure to improve in later seasons. Season 2 once again ends in a cliffhanger and I’m still hooked and can’t wait to start season 3.

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