Steam Announcement Predictions

In just over an hour video game development company Valve will be announcing something new and hopefully exciting on their website. Over the last few months there has been much speculation at what Valve could be working on. Last year they announced that they were working on a console and released “Big Picture” mode. A new interface allowing users to play their steam games on high definition TVs with a gamepad or keyboard and mouse. CO-Founder of Valve Gabe Newell has made it clear that he wants Steam to enter the living room and not be exclusive to PC gamers and Big Picture mode certainly shows that he is committed to that idea.

So it is possible that Valve might announce some type of Steam console. A console that is all about digital distribution that uses Steam’s amazing storefront and community features. Could it be that it might become some sort of streaming device similar to Sony’s PS Vita TV maybe, but what about the other two announcements? Valve’s teaser website does show that there will be three announcements and since most people expect a console announcement they must be holding something up their sleeve. Here are my predictions.


1st Announcement: A Steam Console and controller using the already stable and fantastic Steam service along with some added new features.



2nd Announcement: A major overhaul of the Steam service and a partnership with certain game development companies to use the console’s strengths to make it really compete with the next generation systems.



3rd Announcement: Half Life 3 or an exclusive Valve title like Team Fortress 3 to give the console a real console launch buzz just as Halo does for Xbox and Mario does for Nintendo.


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