Steam Summer Sale Day 2 Picks

The Steam Summer Sale continues and here is day 2 and all its glory. Here are some of the best games from each genre that are on sale, their metacritic scores and why you should purchase them. Everyday there will be a new post of the best games players can buy that are on sale. Prices are in United States dollars. All temporary sales are in Eastern Time United States.

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Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition 66% off $6.79

Metacritic Score: 85

Why buy this: It’s a an open world RPG with great visuals and lots to do. People love the intense difficulty and challenge of the game. If you haven’t played the series it’s best to start here but be warned it is hard, no really it’s fucking hard.



FlatOut 2 75% off $2.49

Metacritic Score: 76

Why buy this: A racing game that is straightforward, doesn’t take itself too seriously and simply lots of fun. Along with simple racing, there are mini games and destruction events. fans of he burnout series and Destruction Derby series should pick this one up.


Action Adventure

Payday 2 67% off $9.89

Metacritic Score: 79

Why buy this: Great four player co-op game that has players work together to perform bank heists. Fantastic sound and focus on the little details to to execute a perfect heist. If you love the movie Heat and the bank heist mission in GTA IV buy this game.


Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Compete Edition 50% off $24.99 (45 hours left)

Metacritic Score: 68

Why buy this: If you are a Dynasty Warriors fan, you already own this game or want it. It’s the first PC release for the series and this Dynasty Warriors has the most content, characters, items, levels, modes etc. than any previous game in the series. If you like repetitive hack and slash games and taking out hundreds of enemies you will love this game but those who don’t will find the game very boring.


Football Manager 2014 50% off $24.99

Metacritic Score: 85

Why buy this: If you love football (soccer) and all aspects of the game you might love this game. Manage players contracts, trades, injuries and so much more it’s the closest to being a real football manager. Since it’s the World Cup and some of you new people are new to football why not give this game a try if you are looking to learn about the game.


Pixel Junk Eden 75% off $2.49

Metacritic Score: 82

Why buy this: It’s gorgeous, its relaxing and the electronic soundtrack is amazing. This game originally came out for the PS3 and players play as a little creature flying through the world collecting pollen to feed seeds that grow into plants. It’s simple, relaxing and a fun experience. I recommend playing this in a dark room with headphones to appreciate the experience.



Tropico 3 Steam Special Edition 80% off $1.99

Metacritic Score: 79

Why buy this: Build your tropical paradise and rule it with an iron fist as el presidente. The soundtrack rules and there is plenty to do to build the ultimate society.


Terraria 60% off $3.99

Metacritic Score: 83

Why buy this: Mine through a pretty 2d world and craft weapons and items while fighting off monsters. Fans of Minecraft will enjoy this 2d mining game with a deep crafting system and a larger variety of enemies.


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