Steam Summer Sale Day 7 Picks

The Steam Summer Sale has reached day 7 and more great deals are available. Here are some of the best games from each genre that are on sale, their metacritic scores and why you should purchase them. Everyday there will be a new post of the best games players can buy that are on sale. Prices are in United States dollars. All temporary sales are in Eastern Time United States.

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Final Fantasy III 33% off $10.71 (44 hours left)

Metacritic Score: NA

Why buy this: No longer a 2d RPG Final Fantasy III was remade into a 3d experience and put into HD for new players. Final fantasy games are synonymous with quality and the earlier Final Fantasy games are known for their deeply engaging stories and visceral experience. It is now more accessible for new players with its 3d visuals and  remastered sound plus it’s on sale.


Final Fantasy VII 66% off $4.07 (44 hours left)

Metacritic Score:92

Why buy this: Many consider it to be one of the best RPGs of all time. It has a great story, a giant world to explore filled with quests and the visuals and audio have been updated over the original Playstation version plus Steam achievements have been added. Chances are you either love this game or don’t care about it at all, if you love it, at such a low price it would be a crime not to buy it.

FFVII_PC_07 Final Fantasy VIII 66% off $4.07 (44 hours left)

Metacritic Score: 90

Why buy this: The best Final Fantasy ever made and arguably the best RPG ever made, is that enough? No, well it features an amazing story, great characters and a gigantic futuristic, European inspired world where you play as teenage mercenaries trying to save the world from evil. This pc version is not the version from 2000. This version has improved visuals, altered audio and Chocobo World a game that was not released outside Japan with the original release of Final Fantasy VIII in 1999.


Dirt 3 50% off $12.49 (46 hours left)

Metacritic Score: 86

Why buy this: A well made rally racing game that does racing really well. The cars sound authentic, the controls are good and presentation is stellar. Rally racing does not get enough focus in video game so, rally fans should definitely pick this game up.


Action Adventure

Enslaved Odyssey to the West: Premium Edition 75% off $4.99

Metacritic Score: 70

Why buy this: It is a crime that so many people skipped on Enslaved. The game is absolutely gorgeous, has great combat and a great take on a post apocalyptic world. Players control Monkey a muscular man whose life is tied to another character,  Trip. Follow Monkey and Trip as they travel through desolate world void of people but filled with a race of robotic machines that rule the landscape. One of the best action adventure games I played in the last 5 years, definitely worth the price.

enslaved_225845 Mirror’s Edge 75% off $4.99 (4 hours left)

Metacritic Score: 81

Why buy this: A very unique game, Mirror’s Edge has you play the entire game in first person mode while using parkour to get from one point to the other. It has a very clean visual style with lots of bright colors that make things pop and  it is a definitely a game that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Batman Arkham Asylum: GOTY Edition 75% off $4.99 (44 hours left)

Metacritic Score: 91

Why buy this: Both these games are highly considered to be the best superheroes games ever made and great games overall. The games look good, the combat and variety of Batman’s gadgets are awesome, the voice acting is exceptional and environment captures the cold and dark atmosphere of the Batman universe perfectly. You owe it to yourself to play these games, there is a reason people are so excited for Batman: Arkham Knight and the reason is these two games here.  Batman-Arkham City Screen 039-Skyline


Roller Coaster Tycoon: Deluxe 50% off $2.99

Metacritic Score: NA

Why buy this: Build your own theme park and make it a success or torture your customers buy drowning them, closing the bathrooms and putting them on dangerous roller coasters. It is addictive and building crazy roller coasters can suck hours our of your life without you even knowing it.



Bastion 40% off $8.99

Metacritic Score: 86

Why buy this: This may be an indie but, it is has the quality of AAA games. Bastion has a beautiful look, it’s as if players are in a moving painting. The combat is simple yet deep and the entire experience is very pleasant.


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