Steam Summer Sale Day 9 Picks

The Steam Summer Sale has reached day 9 and there are more awesome deals available. Here are some of the best games from each genre that are on sale, their metacritic scores and why you should purchase them. Everyday there will be a new post of the best games players can buy that are on sale. Prices are in United States dollars. All temporary sales are in Eastern Time United States.

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Mass Effect Collection 50% off $17.49

Metacritic Score: 89-94

Why buy this: One of the most critically acclaimed RPGs of the last decade. Play as Commander Shepard in this science fiction action RPG on his mission to save the galaxy across two games. It is very well made, has a great story and plays like a third person shooter.

mass-effect-2-screenshot-mordin-talk-to-shepardAction Adventure

Assassin’s Creed games 75% off each game $4.99 (20 hours left)

Metacritic Score: 80-88

Why buy this: Some of the best action adventure games ever made. Each game is set in an open world like Rome in the Renaissance and 11th century Jerusalem. Each game features awesome parkour style gameplay and the ability to stealth kill people in creative manners. These games are truly fun and transport players to some of the most interesting periods of history.

AC1_PC_3Bully: Scholarship Edition 70% off $4.49

Metacritic Score: 72

Why buy this: From the creators of Grand Theft Auto, this open world game takes a completely new approach that is most fresh and awesome. Plays as Jimmy, a young boy who is sent to a private school academy and explore the school and the different school cliques like the greasers, nerd and jocks. There is combat and missions just like the GTA games albeit not as brutal since it is a school setting. If you are looking for an open world game with a more lighthearted yet deep approach with a solid story check Bully out.


L.A. Noire 70% off $5.99

Metacritic Score: 83

Why buy this: Similar to Heavy Rain and its approach to cinematic gameplay L.A. Noire does teh same but is set in a film moire style 1940s Los Angeles. Players play as a LAPD officer as he tries to solve different cases. Much like Heavy Rain this game is extremely cinematic and immersive and unlike 99% of the games that exist. It’s attention to the detail and voice acting is what makes this game a gem but, what else would you except from a game co-produced by developer Rockstar.



F1 2013 75% off $12.49 (4 hours left)

Metacritic Score: 77

Why buy this: The most realistic and authentic Formula One racing game for fans of Formula One. Until F1 2014 comes out this is the best players can ask for when wanting to driving a F1 car without being a professional race car driver. The game is still full price so this deal is cheapest the game will be for quite a while and definitely worth it at less than $15.


Papers, Please 50% off $4.99

Metacritic Score: 85

Why buy this: Players work at a 1980s border checkpoint processing immigrants paperwork trying to cross the border. Look for discrepancies and forged paperwork, take bribes and essentially play god for these poor immigrants who are at your mercy. This game makes processing paperwork much more entertaining than you would expect. Your actions have consequences such as breaking up families or letting in criminals. A very interesting indie title that focuses on one of the most important issues that affects every country in the world, immigration.


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