Tekken 6 Review


Tekken 6 comes back to the fighting scene to the PS3 and XBOX 360, with the largest character roster yet in the Tekken series, first time online play and next generation graphics. This all sounds good but, the inclusion of some unnecessary game features clutters the once simple gameplay experience. This new Tekken adds an rpg-esque story mode where you partake stages where you along with a partner fight off enemies and further an unnecessary and bad story. Players can play the story with a friend instead of the computer probably making it a little more fun but, it’s really a waste of time. Along with that most of the trophies in the game involve the story/scenario mode so players can’t skip it if they want to get all the trophies.

The main problem with the story mode other than that it’s boring and worthless, is it unlocks the characters players can use to play to get the ending movies. Unlike where in previous Tekken games players could play the standard arcade mode, that was around 10 stages, and reach the ending movie for each corresponding character. In this game the arcade mode is just another game mode, the story mode requires players to unlock the characters, play as them in a shortened arcade mode with and fight an insanely hard and cheap boss.


It is the first console version of Tekken to have online play. Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection was eventually playable online for PSP and later ported to PS3 but, this is the first console Tekken to be playable over the internet against other people. It is and isn’t revolutionary because all it is, is the standard Tekken fighting experience against someone but, done fluidly and with no lag, at least for me no lag. It was as if someone was sitting next to me with a controller playing as Jin kicking my not so good Nina character. The online doesn’t offer any type of tournaments or anything special just quick matches, ranked matches and rankings. The ranked matches are not good since, you are not playing people in your experience field. In my first few matches I played people who had played over 500 matches and won half. I recommend playing people you know or people as good as you to have actual fun.

The graphics are clears and nice. They make the nice visuals pop and this is coming from someone playing on a standard definition TV not high definition. The audio is fine and has its standard stage music but, doesn’t compare to the Tekken 3 soundtrack. There is a good amount of customization and variety of modes and game types. It hard to say too much stuff somewhat ruin this game but, it does. The story mode affects the arcade mode by hogging the ending cinematics/reward. The story mode is a good amount of content but, is not necessary and spoils the overall classic Tekken 6 experience. Tekken 6 is a good game, best enjoyed with friends and does get better as you play it but, is somewhat different from the traditional Tekken experience.

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  1. Thanks for this because I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing the ending cinematics after defeating ‘the cheating boss’

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