The 15 Most Important PS3 Games You Must Play

Seeing as the next generation of consoles is finally here, many of you will be moving on to the new systems. Many Playstation fans are anxious to make that leap to the new shiny Playstation 4 but, before you make that transition there are 15 PS3 games you must play. These are not necessarily the best Playstation 3 games but, these games defined the Playstation 3 system and pleasantly surprised gamers while disappointed others. These are the top 15 games in no particular order.


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1. Flower


Flower is best defined as an experience not a game. Probably the most relaxing experience someone can partake in when playing a Playstation 3. Players guide the journey of flower pedals traveling with the wind through beautiful grassy fields and gorgeous environments. Flower is a unique experience accompanied by a very comforting and orchestral soundtrack that fits the game perfectly. Flower doesn’t have explosions, climactic cutscenes or a complex story it is simply a happy and comforting experience that makes you appreciate something we all take for granted, the beauty of nature.

2. Resistance 2


The sequel to PS3’s launch title Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 once again follows the gritty war between the human race and the deadly alien Chimera in their quest to take over earth. It features amazing and muchmore colorful visuals compared to its predecessor, that still hold up today, and a great single player campaign. Along with that it has one of the biggest bosses one could ever fight in a video game. It also featured an incredibly explosive 60 player multiplayer which was the largest multiplayer for a PS3 game at that time. Sadly the multiplayer is no longer available and the series never took off like I would have hoped, it never came close to garnering a fan base of Battlefield or Halo. This seems to be the peak of the Resistance series and it made for one hell of a fun ride.

3. Uncharted 2


Literally one of the games that defined this generation and it was a PS3 exclusive. The original Uncharted came out of nowhere and proved to be a great treasure hunting experience. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves built on what its prequel did and set the bar so much higher not just for PS3 games but, for all action adventure games. Players were able to once again play as Nathan Drake, a young treasure hunter with the likeness of Indiana Jones. The game followed Drakeon another crazy adventure to uncover a hidden treasure. The visuals were dramatically improved and really showed what the PS3 could do, everything was simply gorgeous in Uncharted 2. Much like Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2 became a much more cinematic game blurring the line between gameplay and cinematic cutscenes. Action filled gameplay and story blended together seamlessly and created one hell of an experience. Plus the game featured a multiplayer mode that was surprisingly good and balanced as well as addictive. This was and still is one of the many definitive reasons for owning a PS3.

4. Call of Duty 4


The first person shooter to drastically changed online multiplayer. This lead to numerous sequels that became the most played online games to this day. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the first series’ departure from the World War II setting and first to focus on modern warfare. While many probably do not remember Call of Duty 4 for its campaign it did have a great single player experience. The visuals were beautiful and the sound was authentic. Just as the previous Call of Duty games captured the sound and feel of WWII, this game captured the sound of what war has become in the last twenty years. The online multiplayer is what really broke new ground. The combination of realistic warfare, diverse maps and a new way to approach online multiplayer made this game a landmark. Not only did call of Duty 4 make a its mark it also dethroned Halo in the process and became the number one shooter and multiplayer game.

5. Demon Souls


Demon Souls was a surprise sleeper hit that I am ashamed to have not played. This medieval action role playing game brought two unique things to the Playstation 3, a very difficult and challenging experience that made competing tasks very very rewarding and two a very innovative online component. The online component featured a system of helping and communicating with other players after their deaths. Players could leave messages and warnings such as bloody stains on the ground from when they were killed to warn and aid other players of enemies. Players could also view the ghosts of fellow players and see their final moments before death. Demon Souls had a very quiet release and over time with extremely challenging difficulty and innovative online features it quietly became a success that spawned the very successful Dark Souls, its successful spiritual successor.

6. Metal Gear Solid 4


This masterpiece by the brilliant game designer Hideo Kojima, had thousands of gamers preorderering PS3s two years earlier. Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots is my choice for best PS3 game. It featured absolutely gorgeous visuals, an immerse soundtrack and an improved style of gameplay style compared to its predecessors. Players no longer had to play as a stealthy snake but instead had the choice to go guns blazing. The story no matter how confusing was a great experience that tied up some loose ends and brought back a number of awesome characters. While many people disliked the lengthy but, gorgeous cut scenes they did prove to be deeply entertaining and cinematic. The game featured a much more robust experience than previous games by providing number of options to approach different situations that created a much more replayability than any previous game in the series. Even today 6 years after its release it is still a technical masterpiece. Textures look amazing, environments are beautiful and the sound of explosions and soldiers screaming really capture the horror of war. Like all Metal Gear Solid games, Guns of the Patriots dove into themes like consequences of war, liberty and of course nano machines. Metal Gear Solid 4 set the bar for video games up to that point and it remains a classic to this day.

7. Heavy Rain


Heavy Rain is another one of those games that isn’t really a game but rather an experience. French Developer Quantic Dream set out to create a dynamic, emotional and unique story and they successfully did just that. The story is told from 4 different points of view, a private detective, a middle aged father, a journalist and a FBI profiler. They each have their reason but share the same objective in common, investigating and uncovering the identity of the Origami Killer, a serial killer who has recently kidnapped a young boy. The most compelling character in the game is Ethan, a middle aged father who has his son Shaun abducted by the Origami Killer. He is a determined father that will do anything to find his son including playing the Origami Killer’s sick games. Heavy rain is an emotional ride where players have to make choices that have dramatic consequences. It does an amazing job of pulling players in and creating an emotional connection with the characters in the game. Heavy Rain has photo realistic visuals and gameplay created through cutting edge facial and motion capture technology. The use of that technology gave each characters truly human like qualities from their facial expressions to their body movements. Heavy Rain is an awesome experience, while most of the game is just quick time events , discovering clues to progress the story is a wonderfull dark expereience like no other. If you liked the mise en scène and psychological murders plots of films like The Zodiac and Seven you will definitly enjoy Heavy Rain.

8. Gran Turismo 5


Gran Turismo 5 was the first Gran Turismo game to take simulation racing to a new level in both photo realistic visuals and realistic driving gameplay. Building off what its predecessors did it continued to blur the line between driving a car in a video game and driving a real life car. While Gran Turismo 5 Prologue served as one large demo that gave gamers a taste of what the final game could be, Gran Turismo 5 delivered an unparalleled racing game that further cemented the series as the one true racing simulator. It showed gamers what driving high definition life like cars can really feel like in the generation of high def gaming. Sadly Gran Turismo 5 was not perfect, it proved how beautiful cars could be as well proving how bad cars could look like even on a Playstation 3. Issues such as inconsistency among the visuals and features among the large selection of cars really tainted a game part of a series that in synonymous with perfection. Premium cars went through a long creation process and looked absolutely gorgeous but, standard cars were not as visually impressive and lacked features from their better looking brethren. Overall Gran Turismo 5 continued the greatness of Gran Turismo with its amazing visuals, authentic sounds and most of all its life like driving.

9. Infamous


Infamous seemed to have come out of nowhere and quickly became a huge hit. The imaginative minds behind the Sly Cooper series created this unconventional superhero action adventure game. Players played as Cole MacGrath, a bike courier in Empire City who delivers a package that unbeknownst to him would create a massive explosion when he instructed to open it. Cole survives this apocalyptic style explosion and gains electrical powers that he uses to wreak havoc or help the now chaotic quarantined city. The game featured an interesting morality system giving players the option to play as a Hero or an Evil sociopath. This system creates a lot more variety in Cole’s quest of figuring out what the hell is going on and how to escape the quarantined city. Along with that Infamous featured a very fluid parkour style of gameplay similar to the Assassin’s Creed series, as well as the option to fly with his electrical powers. Accompanied by a great story, great metro visuals and the option to use your powers for good or evil it created one of the best games on the Playstation 3 that led to two sequels.

10. Littlebigplanet


Playstation has never really been the console synonymous with traditional style platformers like Nintendo but, Littlebigplanet showed us that Playstation can have a creative and fun platformer that all ages can enjoy. Littlebigplanet had players play as sackboys, small, cute, fabric characters who jump, run and drive through the multitude of the creative Littlebigplanet levels. The gameplay is very similar to the 2d Mario side scrolling games but is instead 2.5d and offers a bit more freedom. Littlebigplanet game has a very colorful look that brings the inner kid in players and features a wonderfully crafted soundtrack. What made this game so important was not the simplistic and fun gameplay but rather the innovative level creator and the ability to share them with the world. This feature was so deep that it spawned literally millions of users creator levels that anyone could play online, 8.7 million levels have been created and shared at the time of writing this. Many users created beautiful and brilliant levels, like the Jailbreak level. The combination of simple platforming gameplay, unlimited customization and the ability to share with the community made this a landmark social game plus who doesn’t like Sackboy.

11. Killzone 2


Killzone 2 started the next gen excitement way back at E3 2005 when the visually stunning trailer was premiered. Killzone 2 is the sequel to Killzone a Playstation 2 first person shooter that initially aimed to take on Halo as “the shooter” but sadly fell very short. What made this shooter so memorable even if it didn’t become nearly as popular as Call of Duty or Halo was the explosive gameplay. Players played as Sev, an ISA soldier fighting the ruthless Helgast on their planet Helghan. The game features a gorgeous and gritty world filled with Helghast propaganda and the iconic glowing red eyes of the helghast enemy. The game presents a very dark vibe that seemed to be inspired by the symbolism and ruthlessness of the Nazis during WWII. While the mutiplayer wasn’t anything mind blowing it was an explosive experience with some great maps, sadly the online experience is dead nowadays but this game warrants a visit from newcomers and others looking to revisit this gem.

12. Fallout 3


What can be said about Fallout 3? Well it is one of the biggest and best games I have played in the last decade. It is a massive post apocalyptic RPG shooter and I stress the word massive. The game has a long list of diverse locations to explore and hundreds of characters to interact with whether it be to further a quest or killing them to steal their items if you’re feeling bad. Developer Bethesda built an expansive world where you play as a young man who escapes Vault 101, a subterranean bomb shelter. This young man is on a mission to find out where his father went and what happened to him in the now barren wasteland that is earth. Earth experienced a nuclear holocaust and is now a gloomy wasteland filled with mutants, scavengers and small communities of people trying to survive making this world with lots of variety. The chaotic atmosphere of Fallout 3 feels like a cross between the anarchy in the Mad Max films and the environment of the Terminator films post Skynet. The game features an engrossing story where players make moral decisions that affect the main story and side story arcs. This option mixed with the hopeless atmosphere allows players to build their own specific persona and that can alter outcomes throughout the game’s lengthy story. They can choose to be good or evil as well as train to become skillful in specific areas such as explosives or medicine among others. Fallout 3 is the antithesis of linearity, players can explore its gigantic world and never run out of things to do or see, it truly is one of the greatest PS3 games ever made.

13. Final Fantasy XIII


Final Fantasy XIII went through a hectic development process and was the first Final Fantasy game and center of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. Originally a Playstation 3 launch exclusive, it experienced numerous delays and changes eventually becoming a multipatform game for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. I regrettably still have not played this game but, unlike previous Final Fantasy games it was not unanimously well received and seems to have lost some of that spark Final Fantasy games were known for more than a decade ago. The game follows Lightning, the female protagonist in the game and her group of friends on a journey to save the world in just thirteen days. Final Fantasy XIII like many games in the famous series continued to push the limits of presentation and scope. With some of its innovation came some issues like a more linear experience, something previous Final Fantasy games avoided. It’s linearity was widely criticized by fans. Still being the first Final Fantasy of the PS3 generation as well spawning 2 sequels it deserves some attention. Gamers should visit this game not only because it’s Final Fantasy but, also because it was the first Final Fantasy game from the main series in years to not be unanimously well received among fans.

14. Batman Arkham Asylum


Batman Arkham Asylum surprised everyone, it became revered as one of the best super hero game ever made and received numerous awards. This is highly unexpected from games based on superheroes and I regret never getting around to playing this game. Games based on superheroes or movies usually are pretty bad but, the lack of a tie in to a film and a different approach is what gave this game a chance and man did it pay off. Batman Arkham Asylum is a dark, polished and deep super hero game based on who other than the sneaky Batman. Players get to play as Batman voiced by the great Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman from the animated series. They are tasked with infiltrating Arkham Asylum and stopping the Joker from carrying out his plan of building an army to wreak havoc on Gotham City. Using Batman’s many gadgets and skills to progress through Arkham Asylum is a blast and there is a level of depth and variety not found in games based on superheros. Along with that there are awesome villains to fight like Poison Ivy, Bane and of course the Joker. This game brought an unexpected amount of depth, polish and great gameplay that no one would expect from a game based on a superhero. Even if you do not like super hero games you should play this game. There is a reason it got so many nominations and awards plus, it’s Batman!

15. Grand Theft Auto IV

3307The fourth iteration into the main series of the Grand Theft Auto franchise continued doing what the franchise does best, realism and creating chaos. While Grand theft Auto V is the most recent game in the series, GTA IV was the first game for the “next gen” consoles and while it did not bring any really big changes to the series it brought better visuals, an amazing story and an online component. The plot revolved around Niko Bellic an immigrant, a first for the GTA series, who comes from Eastern Europe in search of new beginnings and the American Dream. He quickly is swallowed up by the corrupt and chaotic world of Liberty City. Much like the other games in the series he begins committing crimes I mean doing “jobs” for every type of shady character in hopes of moving up the ladder. The game brought beautiful next generation graphics, a return to a modern setting heavily inspired by New York City and more depth than any prior GTA up to that point. Pedestrians have their own conversations on cellphones as they walk on the sidewalk, the car physics were more realistic, Niko could fly through the windshield if he crashed at too high of a speed. The game featured a much needed quick travel Taxi option for traveling across the massive Liberty City. Like prior GTA games this game pushed the bar up for what a video game can be with its great story telling, realism and incredibly fun gameplay. Even if you bought Grand Theft Auto V you owe it to yourself to play this classic.

Honorable Mention: Yakuza 3


This Playstation 3 exclusive came to the West after fans of the series voiced their love for the previous games to publisher Sega making them reconsider releasing the game for western markets. This underrated open world action drama follows Kazama Kiryu, the former Japanese Yakuza gang member featured in the prequels. He is now in charge of and trying to save his orphanage from closing down along with investigating the attempted murder of his mobster friend Daigo. Yes this does sound weird and like it could be something out of an Asian soap opera but, like the first two games in the series the plot works and is pretty entertaining. Kazama once again uses his fists and calm, suave demeanor to accomplish his quest through Tokyo to uncover who shot his friend and saving his precious orphanage. A lovable story, stunning cutscenes and an endless variety of sidequests like going to a karaoke bar to sing awesome music hostess bar make this game a real treat. The long story at times feels like a Japanese soap opera mixed in with the bare knuckle fighting of Fight Club. The only real notable issue in the game is that it is only dubbed in Japanese meaning players will be reading subtitles the entire game. Either way if you are searching for an interesting story, fun and intense fighting or just want to visit Tokyo Japan from the comfort of your living room Yakuza 3 is a game to PS3 players should give a try.

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  1. No God of War 3? No Journey?! No The Last of Us?!!!!!

  2. God of War 3 was not important enough to be in the top 15. If you played the prequels it was more of what made God of War 1 and 2 great but, with better graphics. It was a good game but not very important. Journey, while it does look interesting I believe it wasn’t top 15 worthy, top 25 definitely. For the Last of Us, I was going to put it on the list but it will be available on PS4. It is an amazing game but it was released very late in the generation and I believe it’s going to be known as a dual generation game so, you can skip it on PS3 and get it on PS4 and play it with updated visuals.

  3. Just going to point out since you didn’t put the last of us on the list because it’s going to be released on ps4, flower is on ps4 so it shouldn’t be on this list.

  4. True but Flower is a short game that won’t benefit much from being released on the PS4. The Last of Us was released late in the generation, and is a much longer and deeper experience that will have visuals and some gameplay improvements implemented on the PS4, leading to a much more beneficial improvement compared to Flower.

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