“9” Film Review


I recently saw the film Nine directed by Shane Acker and produced by the prominent Tim Burton. I had no intention of watching this film since, I’ve never really been a fan of most of Tim Burton’s work but, it appeared on HBO so I decided to tune in. Surprisingly the film was a good popcorn film and kind of cool. The film follows a talking rag doll in a post apocalyptic world after a war between man and machines, somewhat reminiscent of the Terminator films.

The rag doll, called 9, wakes up in this world absent of humans to find a few other rag dolls like him, all with names corresponding to numbers. Like 8 a brute, dumb rag doll with a chef’s knife bigger than him as his weapon and 5, an easily frightened, one eyed3923907232_abba5e14e7 rag doll. The film moves rather quickly and is over before you know it. The main goal in the film is 9 along with some of the willing and reluctant rag dolls need to stop an evil machine, left over from the war and it’s mechanical minions.

The story is adequate but, what I really enjoyed most was the visual style. The film is completely animated in cg and the main characters are small talking rag dolls and machines that reminded me of the machines in the Matrix films. The scenery was very gloomy looked almost like the environment in the video game Fallout 3 minus the humans and mutants. So, in the end I was happy I saw this film, my only complaint was it was too short, only 120 minutes.

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