The Walking Dead Season 1

The Walking Dead premiered last year on Halloween on AMC and the first season only ran 6 episodes. I had seen a few clips of it but, didn’t get into it. Lucky  for me and everyone else the first season is available on Netflix streaming in high definition. The show follows a group of people in the U.S. around the Atlanta Georgia area, struggling to survive in a zombie infested world. The people in the group increase and decrease throughout season one and are diverse, a cop, a redneck and a former pizza delivery boy are just a few in the group. While zombie movies have been overdone to death this TV show revives the zombie genre.

They make take our lives but, they'll never take our freedom!

They make take our lives but, they’ll never take our freedom!

The season opens up with two cops in what seems to be a southern community in a high speed pursuit of armed men. One of the cops is shot and later wakes up in hospital some time later. The hospital is abandoned and disorganized as if a small war broke out. The scene is similar to the hospital scene in the film Resident Evil Apocalypse. While there the cop, Rick Grimes, encounters the first of the many undead or walkers as they are called. Also he sees hundreds of bloody body bags littering the hospital parking lot. Rick’s primary goal is to find his son and wife and above all stay alive. Throughout the season Rick encounters a small group of survivors and ends up becoming the leader of the group. I don’t want to give too much plot away seeing as the characters and their development is probably the best thing about the show next to the action and zombies.

The show is very well made and has excellent production values and the camera work and choreography is fantastic. Everything is done very well and accurately. The characters look and act like average people unlike the characters in Hollywood zombie films. They have flaws, are scared and are not willing to go in guns blazing all the time to look cool. They act like real people if a plague swept the globe and turned people into the walking dead. The undead look and act like a mix of your typical zombies, they generally walk around slowly and brainless, run savagely when they see a meal and demonically crawl if they have lost the lower half of their body. The story is well done but, develops at a slow pace which is frustrating, causing me to want more and more episodes to find out what happens next.

The cutest zombie ever.

The cutest zombie ever.

The shows runs for 45 minutes or an hour and the first episode is a little over an hour just like the first episode in season 2. The second season just started a week ago with a fantastic, suspenseful first episode. It is a perfect time to check out season 1 of The Walking Dead while it’s still early on in season 2.

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