The Walking Dead Webisodes

If you are not getting enough of the hit TV show The Walking Dead you’re in luck. There is a string of webisodes based on the TV show on and The webisodes are only a few minutes long each but, are shot exactly like the TV show and provide a little side story to the already interesting main story in The Walking Dead. In the first episode of season 1, one of the first undead Rick comes across is a torn in half blond women crawling on a lawn in his neighborhood. These webisodes follow the story of how that woman, Hannah, became infected and ended up on that lawn. There are 6 videos that are run almost 20 minutes in total. There is also a number of other videos on the site like sneak peeks for upcoming episodes and a bunch of behind the scenes clips. I hope more of these small,addicting webisodes are produced throughout the season since, they are a nice little extra bit of content to keep fans happy until the next episode. If they continue making more they will make great bonus features on the DVD releases of this awesome show.



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