Highschool of the Dead

Recently someone at my workplace recommended me an Anime TV show. I am not someone who particularly watches Anime. The only real experience I have with Anime is a few shows like Pokemon and Digimon from my childhood and a few select others like Akira and FLCL. I decided to give it a chance once I heard it was available on Netflix streaming in HD. There is only one season of Highschool of the Dead  consisting of only twelve episodes that are a little over twenty minutes in length. After watching the first half I was pleasantly surprised how an anime based around high school kids and zombies could be so entertaining.


H.O.T.D. follows a small group of Japanese high school teens trying to survive a zombie outbreak that has broken out in their city. The eccentric group of six people and their insanely Japanese names are truly characters. Takashi, the main protagonist is a quiet and misunderstood 17 year-old student, Rei, Takashi’s hot classmate and former girlfriend from childhood and Saya, another hot student who is stuck up and believes she is smarter and better than everyone else. Kohta, the only other boy in the group who is an overweight nerd obsessed with guns, Saeko, once more another hot teen who is president of the Kendo club and is kind and a suitable leader and finally Shizuka, the 26 year-old ditsy, slutty and single school nurse with massive boobs.

HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD-620xThe TV show is set in Japan but, is very westernized. The voice acting is great and the script is good except for a few blunders here and there. One scene a character says the word stupid at least 7 times in twenty seconds, something that happens rarely but, is annoying nevertheless. Throughout the script other countries are referenced in the zombie outbreak meaning that the epidemic has become a global pandemic. Some lines even cite former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and other things regarding American culture. The visual style of the show is exceptional, especially in high definition. It is very detailed and realistic, there are no robots, demons or weird looking characters, everything looks realistic, buildings, cars, people etc. all in the sense of good, detailed Japanese animation.

The story is simple like many zombie stories but, is well told. The story is told similarly to the American zombie TV show The Walking Dead. The beginning of each episode like The Walking Dead, shows a little more about the outbreak with small side stories with other characters that seem to eventually connect to the main characters in some way. One particularly interesting part of the story is that it seems all four of the girls really like Takashi even the adult nurse, this makes for some awkward, funny and entertaining scenes. The only unnecessary part of the show is the consistent break away to random cuts of the female characters’ gigantic boobs and panties. Even in one episode some of the female characters manage to shower together and have a naked shower fight. While it’s entertaining and nice to look at, the Japanese erotic scenes are not really needed. I guess they are there because some of the creators really wanted to entertain themselves and their male fans. If you can look past the random, detailed, erotic, semi-porno clips (I’m sure you’ll have no problem with that) you will love this show. Funny characters, great voice acting and over the top zombie killing action, what’s a better way to spend Halloween if you’re not getting candy.


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