The Kennedys Miniseries

The Kennedys is a Canadian  miniseries (currently on Netflix streaming) following the life of the prestigious American family the Kennedys. This very well done and very well acted miniseries follows John F. Kennedy through his Journey of becoming president of the United States. It presents the trials he faced during his presidency, his personal family issues as well as his relationship with his family up until his death in 1963. The eight episode series is a delight to watch and gives a good perspective on the Kennedy family especially John F. Kennedy played by Greg Kinnear. Along with that it explores the relationship Kennedy had with his brother Robert Kennedy played by the awesome Barry Pepper and his difficult marriage with Jackie Kennedy played by Katie Holmes.

The series explores how John became president with the support of his father Joe Kennedy, played by Tom Wilknson, and all the secret antics that made him president. Greg Kinnear does a fantastic job playing the president down to the way he talks and acts. He brings the personality of the John Kennedy to the screen with ease. Barry Pepper does an equally good job playing Bobby Kennedy and Tom Wilknson shows how tough Joe Kennedy was on his children and how he strived to make his family great. Katie Holmes does a great job playing Jackie Kennedy to my surprise. She expressed what Jackie went through with the rumors of her husband sleeping with other women during their marriage and presidency. The series even went as far to touch up on some of John and Jackie’s drug use.

The entire series is extremely well shot and captures the 1960s vibes and the preceding decades perfectly. Costume design, props, cars everything looks perfect and creates a very old fashioned, but cool atmosphere. I am not into politics, but I was very entertained and interested in John F. Kennedy’s personal and political opinions on equality, racism and communism in a conservative 1960s. The series sheds a lot of light on the corruption in politics and the Kennedy family. It also shows how John F. Kennedy was a good, underrated president and at the same time shows his flaws and poor decisions. The bulk of the eight episodes consists of Kennedy’s presidency and the other earlier episodes show what the Kennedy family was about and how they pushed and supported John to become president. I am really surprised how much I enjoyed this miniseries. It has the history everyone knows and also some of the controversy and less known facts of the Kennedy presidency like the affairs. Along with an awesome cast, great set design and of course great acting this makes exploring the short life of John F. Kennedy very entertained. I’m just surpised that this was made by the Canadians and not the Americans.

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