Top 5 Films of 2010

Last year was a great year for movies but, I did not watch a lot of the films that came out due to the fact I didn’t have anyone to go with to the movie theaters but, with Netflix I was able to watch a number of the films I missed once they came out on DVD. Here are my top five films of 2010 and my biggest disappointment and most surprising film.


This action thriller film starring Angelina Jolie was surprisingly awesome. Jolie plays a CIA agent on the run who has been accused of being a Russian sleeper agent. It mixes great action and unique cold war vibe to creates a fun ride. This film deserves a sequel that probably won’t ever be made.

The Social Network

This followed the story of how Mark Zuckerberg and his partner created Facebook. It did a superb job doing just that and the great cast made this film Oscar worthy. Along with that the soundtrack for the film is surprisingly well done and fit’s the atmosphere.

Tron Legacy

This film surprised me on how with no story but, awesome visual effects and soundtrack by Daft Punk can work so well. Don’t expect this film to blow you away with story but, rather with intense special effects and great music. I recommend watching this in full HD with surround sound.

The Tourist

For a film with two huge stars, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, it didn’t get the reaction it deserved. An English agent sets up an American traveler on his vacation in Europe and makes for a great James Bond like action adventure film. Along with Johnny Depp’s humor peppered in throughout the story, it makes for a nice film to cure a boring night.


Christopher Nolan has done it again with this monster of a film. It blends action, storytelling and a crazy premise of tactical espionage in people’s dreams. A great cast, awesome climactic music and long creative story made this one hell of movie.


Biggest Disappointment


Resident Evil Afterlife

I was surprised and disappointed with this film since, the previous films in the series were so good. A lack of Zombies and a more focus on story with a rushed plot makes this the weakest film in the series. Hope the next film in the Resident Evil series focuses more on zombies than a dull story.


Biggest Surprise



This alien movie plays itself out much differently the general horror alien movie or end of the world alien movie. The characters act more realistic and there is less of an interest on the aliens and more of an interest in how the characters are going to survive. It has a very surprising ending and gets me hoping for a sequel.

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