Uncharted 3 Beta Impressions

I recently played the Uncharted 3 beta for the Playstation 3 and I have to say I’m satisfied. The online in Uncharted 3 seems to be more refined and feels like it can become a serious competitor in the online gaming community. The online gameplay does not really change much from the online play in Uncharted 2 but, it feels and seems more polished, accurate and more fun. Many of the same modes return team deathmatch, death match etc. Some of the modes actually feature a small cutscene before the match starts adding a more integrated feel to Uncharted story I assume.

What I really noticed were small things like how some of the guns sound different like the AK for one. The characters move a little more fluid than the previous game. Also the online maps are very detailed and provide a good variety. One map in particular actually had a wall on fire that you could run through but, later throughout the match when I came back to that specific location all that was left was a half a wall and black ash. I like the small little overlooked integrations like that, that makes online play a little more unique.

I particularly enjoyed one mode where it was a form of team deathmatch but, with only 2 person teams. It was interesting and fun to have a 2 on 2 on 2 match. The only problem I had with the online play was that I felt that characters ran slower than the previous game, maybe the developers at Naughty Dog will correct this when the game is released this fall. Uncharted online play does not feel like anything revolutionary but, it’s fun, solid and fair.

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